Head Start Job Openings for 7/30/14

Head Start has openings in a number of positions, from Cook’s Assistant to Teachers, Teacher’s Aide, Family Advocate and more. Click on the link to view the positions available: Head_Start_Jobs. You must have Adobe Acrobat to view these jobs. Get it for free here.

Suffolk County Civil Service Positions As of July 30th, 2014

These Civil Service Positions can be found at:


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Suffolk County Government Job Offers (Not Requiring Exams)

(These Job Offerings and Civil Service Open Filing and Exam Dates are found at: http://www.suffolkcountyny.gov/Departments/civilservice.aspx )


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Using the 20/60/60 Networking Approach to Find a Job

While networking takes a lot of work, there are two HUGE benefits -

1) you don’t need to be a perfect match on skills and experiences

2) the jobs themselves are not cookie cutter jobs, but have the potential to be significant career opportunities

So the choice is yours, waste your time hoping to find a decent job, or build a network to help you build a career.

Using the 20/60/60 Networking Approach to Find a Job

You may be interested in using this approach if you’ve been looking for a job but want to change your strategy. If you’re out of College, you may want to enlist the assistance of your Career Development Center who have links and information on professional associations and Networking Nights. Your local Career One-Stop can also help you find a way to network your way to a job.

Good Luck!

USAJOBS in New York

The latest Federal Jobs have been posted below. The jobs vary in experience and qualifications, so examine them closely. You may be a few steps away from a high paying, Federal Job. Top to Bottom, from the earliest closing date (7/29/2014) to the latest, respectively.

Click on the Link for more information about each job and how to apply. These links lead directly to the application page.

Financial Investigator
Visual Information Specialist
Health Science Specialist
Director of Clinical Services (RN) – PCS Nursing
Electronics Engineer (COMM)
Student Trainee (Program & Research), Pathways Resident Intern – NTE 1 year NYRO
Review Appraiser GS-1171-12/13
Emergency Management Specialist (NDRS Recovery Mission/Outreach Support Task Force Leader)
Paralegal Specialist
Legal Assistant (OA)
Legal Assistant (Office Automation)
Museum Specialist
Program Specialist (Outreach)
US Pretrial Services Officer

Stony Brook University Jobs / Vacancies for the Week of July 27th, 2014

Stony Brook University/Hospital/Long Island Veteran’s Home Position can be found in the PDF link below. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the file. Adobe Acrobat could be downloaded by clicking here.

Positions at Stony Brook are varied, and have vacancies for blue collar, white collar, Academic and Health Positions. All information about each vacancy and how to apply are in the PDF file.


How To Get Your Resume Noticed In a Blink of an Eye

It’s helpful to remember that recruiters don’t forward a resume because it’s pretty—they send resumes along when they see a candidate is qualified.

How To Get Your Resume Noticed In a Blink of an Eye – Forbes

Make sure that your relevant skills are at the top of the page. If a hiring manager only really looks at your resume for less than 15 seconds, then make sure what you want them to see is at the top. Good Luck!