Virtual Career Network Healthcare Site Live!

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Department of Labor today announced a new online tool that will allow current and prospective health care workers to explore more than 80 different occupations, identify local education and training programs, and tap into current job listings. Through the Virtual Career Network, users also can learn how previous experience such as military or on-the-job training can be applied toward a health care career, take free online courses and find sources of financial aid.

The Department of Labor launched a new Website dedicated to learning about working in Healthcare. Called the Virtual Career Network (Healthcare), anyone interested in working in the Medical, Dental or Nursing fields should visit this site. While it might not help in getting a job right away, it will help you understand what it takes to get in the field from a reliable source. With the information given, develop the plan that works best for you to attain that career goal.

The Resources part of the page is invaluable, listing National Association websites related to Healthcare. These websites often have job boards with reliable job listings, so keep that in mind when visiting this site.


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