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Jobs in the Area, 11/27/2012



Red Flags for Job Searching on Craigslist

When it comes to using craigslist to apply to jobs, you have to be savvy as well as street smart, making sure you don’t fall into a 419 Scam or Confidence scam. Here are some tips to remember while applying to a Craigslist Job posting from the Website Mashable.

Red Flags for Job Searching on Craigslist.

Positions in Various Civil Service Divisons

  • An Assistant Conductor Position is available from the MTA. The position opened November 19th and will close on December 3rd. The 100% hourly rate of pay is 32.753 per hour. A civil service exam is required to qualify for this position. Under MTA employment opportunities, click on Long Island Railroad and follow the prompts. When asked to search, click on advanced search. Then in the Job ID field, use the Job ID to find the position. (Job ID #: 75647)
  • The New York State Department of Civil Service is hiring for a Institution Safety Officer with a starting salary of $33,541 at the GS-9 level. Appointees working in New York City, Rockland, Westchester, Nassau or Suffolk would receive a $1,200 downstate adjustment. Applicants will be required to take a written exam. Exam guides have been developed by the State to help applicants prepare for the exam. Applications must be submitted by December 24th. (Exam number: 25-545)
  • DCAS has openings for Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Environmental and Mechanical Engineers. These positions are open-competitive and close on the 4th of December.


Free Safety and Health Consultation / Shared Work Programs

Free Safety and Health Consultation – The Department of Labor can help businesses in New York City and Long Island with immediate on-site or telephone safety and health consultations. The Department has a team of up to 40 safety and health professionals standing by to help provide information on personal protective equipment; the cleanup of mold, asbestos, lead and other hazards including electrical and mechanical issues; and construction and demolition issues. For an on-site consultation, please call (518) 457-3518 or visit any of the agency’s One-Stop Career Centers.

Consultación de Salud y Seguridad Gratuita – El Departamento de labor puede ayudar negocios en la Ciudad de NY y Long Island con asistencia inmediata en su domicilio o a través de consultas por teléfono. El departamento tiene un equipo de hasta 40 Agentes de Seguridad y Salud esperando su llamada, ofreciendo información con herramientas protectoras, limpieza de asbestos, molde, plomo y otros peligros incluyendo asuntos de electricidad o mecánica; también asuntos de construcción e demolición. Para una consulta, por favor llame (518)-457-3518 o visite uno de los sitios One-Stop de la agencia de Labor.

Shared Work – The Department of Labor can help businesses avoid layoffs by allowing employees to continue to work while collecting partial unemployment benefits. This program is particularly helpful for businesses that are still marginally in operation and can help offset the cost of paying for full time employees. For businesses interested in this program, please call the Shared Work program at (518) 457-2635 or visit any of the agency’s One-Stop Career Centers.

Trabajo Compartido – El Departamento de Labor puede ayudar negocios evitar despidos (por razones de falta de trabajo) dejando empleados continuar a trabajar durante el tiempo que están recibiendo beneficios de desempleo parcial. Este programa es particularmente útil para negocios que operan ligeramente y puede compensar el costo de pagar por empleados de tiempo completo. Para negocios interesados en este programa, por favor llame al programa de Trabajo Compartido (518)-457-2635 o visite cualquiera de las agencias “One-Stop”.

From New York State – Hurricane Sandy Department Services Page.

Business.USA.Gov Beta

A new site was launched by the JOBS Act signed by President Obama. In hoping to act more like the businesses they serve, the Government of the USA has developed a one-stop resource site for Small Businesses. Named, it brings together resources across various government agencies to help entrepreneurs with everything from starting a business, financing, hiring employees, tax information, tutorials, exporting and finding events sponsored by government agencies. It is currently in Beta stage, which means that it needs your feedback to continue improving. Special information is provided for businesses that are run by Veterans and Minorities as well as businesses that operate in Rural areas or the Web. Visit the site by clicking here.

Adonde se encuentra los trabajos para Huracan Sandy?

Paso 1: Visite la página web del departamento de labor de Nueva York (

Paso 2: Haga clic en el enlace “Hurricane Sandy Department Services”. Se encuentra en medio de la pagina, debajo de las secciones de Business y Government & Research.

Paso 3: En esta página, en la parte abajo se encuentra la pagina para aplicar. En la séptima viñeta, la penúltima oración del parágrafo va a ver el enlace “online registration form”. Haga clic en ese enlace.

Paso 4: Aquí encuentra la aplicación. Las preguntas dicen:

  1. Are you unemployed? = Esta Desempleado?
  2. Have you lost your employment as a result of Hurricane Sandy?*
    = Ha perdido su trabajo por Huracán Sandy?
  3. Where are you willing to work? (Check all that apply
    ) = Adonde está dispuesto para trabajar? (Escoger todos que aplican)
  4. Do you have transportation to the worksite?
    = Tiene transportación para ir a los sitios de trabajo?
  5. Are you interested in working as a laborer? (This work may include lifting heavy debris, clearing roadways, etc.)*
    = Esta interesado en trabajar como obrero? (Este tipo de trabajo puede incluir levantando escombros pesados, limpiando calles, etc.)

La segunda parte es adonde puede colocar su información para contactarla, y el tercer sección es si Ud. Tiene algún comentario.