Has your business been affected by Hurricane Sandy? Some Helpful Tips

  • Is your job closed as a result of Hurricane Sandy, and you aren’t getting paid?
  • Need legal assistance when filling out insurance forms?
  • Need business assistance or Disaster Relief Loans?

New York’s Empire State Development Agency has created a page to help small-businesses that have been affected by Hurricane Sandy. There are a number of services and agencies that may be able to help you, simply click on this link.

Another helpful link is the Small Business Development Center homepage, which has prepared a page with regard to disaster recovery for New York Small Businesses. They can also assist you by sending a small business advisor. If you would like to contact them for a small business idea, or if you already have a business but want to have them advise you, give them a call to make an appointment with them. Their number is 631-632-9070.

The website of Governor Andrew Cuomo also has information regarding disaster assistance and aid.

Make sure to visit FEMA.gov and Disasterassistance.gov to get information about federal aid.



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