Tired of getting e-mails for job alerts that have nothing to do with what you are looking for? Are you starting to miss important e-mails because of all the e-mails you have to delete? Have you used the website, is a  job searching website that links directly to the company’s page that’s hiring. Similar to and the NYS Department of Labor Job Page, there are less e-mail alerts and sponsored ads to deal with on

Take for example, a job posted to Careerbuilder and With Careerbuilder, when you click “Apply”, Careerbuilder will open a popup asking you to put in your E-Mail address and to upload your resume so you could apply. What you are really doing is creating an account with Careerbuilder, and having Careerbuilder manage your upload for you, like a middleman. If done without setting proper options (like opting-out of receiving e-mail job alerts and marketing e-mails) your inbox will become inundated with openings to positions in your field, which may not be in your field of work at all. This is because without specifying what job you are exactly looking for, Careerbuilder will use the categories they have, which are very broad. So it may be exciting to see you have 300+ jobs waiting for you, but without the proper personalization, the jobs will not be what you’re looking for.

With, there is no middleman to apply to a job. The job link will take you directly to the Company website. This will not only save you time, but help you avoid a deluge of E-mails that are not targeted and personalized to your job search. Try it!


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