Make Your Resume Stand Out (With NUMBERS)

Numbers are a great way to get ahead in a job search by putting them in your resume. If you think of the way a resume is written, the responsibilities of a job are key to showing a potential employer what you did at your prior jobs. While this was once enough to get you hired, it’s more difficult to find a job now than it has been in a few generations. With stiff competition, listing what you did at your job will not be enough. Did you simply go through the motions, or were you one of the best employees? It’s hard to say, if you only list what you did.

This is where quantifying your resume can help you get ahead. Careerealism has an article titled “Make Your Resume Stand Out”. It explains how to effectively write job responsibilities with quantifiable information to help you get an edge in the job hunt. There are helpful rules in the article to follow when writing your resume as well as examples of descriptions. Changing the way you describe your past jobs will help in showing the employer the environment, pace, management skills and efficiency you would have as an employee. So, even though resume writing is an art form and not a science, make sure you quantify your job descriptions to stand a better chance of getting the interview.


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