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How to Get the Interview From a Craigslist Job Ad

While getting an interview from a Craigslist ad may be difficult and the process different than applying to specific job sites, there are fundamental and Craigslist-specific tips should be learned from AnnMarie McIlwain, who wrote “How to Get the Interview From a Craigslist Job Ad.” Ms. McIlwain, who posted a Job ad for two positions, gives her rational for hiring the people she hired. They applied quickly, had no spelling or grammar mistakes, and made the response specific to the ad. Give the short article a read to pick up valuable pointers, it may help you get that job on Craigslist.


GED Changes Coming – 2014

  • The GED will need to be taken on a computer.
  • The Price of taking the GED will increase, from 65$ to 120$
  • The Exam will become harder, conforming to Common Core State Standards.
  • This New Test will be ready in Jan, 2014.
  • If you have passed parts of the GED in the past, you will need to take the entire exam over again if you sit for the exam AFTER Jan 2014.


  • El GED tendrá que ser tomada en una computadora.
  • El Precio de tomar el GED se incrementará, de 65 $ a 120 $
  • El examen será más difícil, conforme a las normas fundamentales llamado “Common Core”.
  • Esta nueva prueba estará listo en enero, 2014.
  • Si usted ha pasado las partes del GED en el pasado, usted tendrá que tomar todo el examen otra vez si usted toma el examen después de Enero 2014.

Source: Revamped GED Faces First Big Challenge – Wall Street Journal

Don’t forget that we have print and online resources to help you pass the GED. The library also has typing software on the computer, to help test-takers become more comfortable on the computer.

No olvides que tenemos los recursos impresos y en línea para ayudarle a pasar el GED. La biblioteca también tiene programas de escribir en la computadora, para ayudar a los examinados a sentirse más cómodo en el equipo.

Federal / State / City / Civil Service Exams

City Exams :

Customer Information Representative – Closes Feb 26th. 
Caseworker – Closes Feb 28th
Police Officer – Closes Feb 28th
School Safety Agent – Closes Feb 28th
Traffic Enforcement Agent- Closes Feb 28th
Child Protective Specialist – Closes March 30
Environmental Police Officer – Closes June 29
Motor Vehicle Operator – Closes June 29
Special Officer – Closes June 29
CUNY Exams: 
Campus Security Officer – Open Continuously 
MTA Exams: 
MaBSTOA Bus Operator – Closes Feb 26th
Track Equiptment Maintainer – Closes Feb 26th
Transit Electrical Helper – Closes Feb 26th
State Exams: 
Correction Officer Trainee – Closes Feb 25th
Correction Officer Trainee (Spanish Speaking) – Closes Feb 25th
Federal Jobs:
Nurse Practicioner (Federal Bureau of Prisons) – Closes Feb 27th
Correctional Officer (Federal Bureau of Prisons) – Closes March 2
EAS DDESS Teacher (Dept. of Defense) – Closes April 23rd
Taxpayer Advisory Specialist (Spanish Language) – Closes Dec 2nd
Taxpayer Advisory Specialist  – Closes Dec 2nd

New Grads: You Can Do It! (Tips for Nurses)

A Nursing education comes in two parts: in the school and at work. Learning day by day is a challenge that most professions face, and nursing requires a large amount of on the job training to get used the the pacing and environment. For new nurses, it may take up to two years before a Nurse is comfortable with procedures and the general culture. If you’ve passed your NCLEX and are currently working as a new nurse, check out the article written by Donna Cardillo, RN and MA at Written by a nurse with more than 30 years of experience, Donna is writing to new nurses and letting them know what type of issues will come up, along with how to deal with them. While there are many great tips in the article, nurses should make sure to focus on the positives, making sure you are patient with yourself, continuing to learn and to manage your stress.

The Brentwood library has over 200 books on nursing available. One book that continues the advice that Donna gives is the Everything New Nurse Book: gain confidence, manage your schedule, and deal with the unexpected. (Link to Catalog). It helps prospective and new nurses a guide to becoming a nurse or adjusting to the new career. Come to the library and pick up a copy today.

The one Math Skill You Need to Succeed at Work

Did you know that Americans need one Math Skill they may have missed in elementary school to succeed at Work? Researchers at the Universitry of Missouri studied 180 13-year olds and determined that a lack of number system knowledge “creates a weak foundation for later learning, which can lead to a lifetime of problems”. The article, written up in Business News Daily, determined that educators should make a concerted effort to reteach these skills to adults.

Here at the Brentwood Library, we have a wealth of resources that can help you work on your Basic Math Skills. Did you know that Learning Express has math tutorials, focused on GED Math? Or that if you get stumped, you could get live math help with Brainfuse? The library also has physical copies of Math books, GED books and the popular for Dummies series.  Visit the library or check out the databases listed on the right hand side of this website, under the category Brentwood Job/Study Databases.

How to Reach out to Hiring Managers that were Referred to Me – Ask a Manager

Are you working on contract for an employer, but want to become permanent? What would be the best way to go, in order to make your job permanent? Ask A Manager explains the situation in the blog post we’ve linked to. If you’ve gotten referrals to managers from co-workers or supervisors, these are some helpful tips to make the most out of the information you have. Make sure to make copies of your resume and a note explaining who gave you the information. It’s no guarantee, but it can help you get closer to the job you want.

The Unofficial Rules of Job Hunting While You’re Pregnant

Being pregnant and job-searching requires a different strategy to landing the job you want. The Unofficial Rules of Job Hunting While You’re Pregnant can help you determine the best strategy to getting your next job while pregnant.