Jobs in Brentwood 2/6/2013

Here are a few jobs that are listed in or close to Brentwood. Apply at home or at the Career Center in the library! Don’t forget, that we can help you with your resume, cover letters and test preparation. We always have Resume and Cover letter writing software on our computers, as well as access to our job and study databases (which you could also access online). These postings were found by perusing the “Jobs in Brentwood” Section of this page, which can be found on the right-hand side.

Due to the variety of locations to look for Government jobs, they are not listed here. But the library does have copies of The Chief (For metropolitan-region government jobs) and Federal News (for Federal Jobs in the Region and Nation-wide) available for you to peruse. These periodicals will also explain the process of applying. They are reference only, so while you can not take them out of the library, they are readily available when the library is open.



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