3 Pre-Interview Confidence Boosters

You’re sitting outside the door with your sweaty palms slowly making that extra copy of your resume bend with moisture. You’re looking at the double doors that, behind them, hide the hiring manager and Boss of the company you applied to. You’re reviewing your notes but can’t seem to concentrate. You’re focused on nailing the interview but can’t stop thinking about doing something wrong. If you’re spending the few nerve-wracking minutes before an interview doing this, read on.

Interview stress is common for anyone looking to get a position in a company. As one of the last steps a potential job seeker can reach, you want to make as best of an impression as possible. It’s a tall order, but practicing some confidence boosters before the interview will help increase your confidence. Careerealism has an article called “3 Pre-Interview Confidence Boosters” which has Social Psychologist Amy Cuddy explain the best ways to keep your confidence up before an interview. They are fairly straightforward but biologically speaking will increase you levels of Testosterone (dominance) and decrease your levels of cortisol (stress). Good luck!


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