Five Tricks for Remembering Names

When you’ve gotten to the first interview and are ready for the second, it’s important that you feel confident going on. One way to sap your confidence at the second interview is by forgetting the names of hiring managers that interviewed you the first time. While it’s a small thing to remember someone’s name, it goes a long way in building an initial rapport with the job you’re looking to work for. Remembering the name of everyone you interviewed will not only make you feel like you’re working there, it’ll be an added boost to your confidence when you’ve gotten through the first stages of getting the job you want.

For that reason, Science House EVP Rita J. King has written a timely article on how to remember names. These are simple tips that don’t cost money and may even help you in your quest to make money. The most important tip to remember is that it’s no crime to ask twice: take the time to cut out the distractions and ask again, to make sure you’ve got it down. Don’t forget to ask for business cards at the interview, as well! Not only will it help you remember, but it’ll give you another way to remember their name and send them a thank-you note when the interview is over.


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