New Grads: You Can Do It! (Tips for Nurses)

A Nursing education comes in two parts: in the school and at work. Learning day by day is a challenge that most professions face, and nursing requires a large amount of on the job training to get used the the pacing and environment. For new nurses, it may take up to two years before a Nurse is comfortable with procedures and the general culture. If you’ve passed your NCLEX and are currently working as a new nurse, check out the article written by Donna Cardillo, RN and MA at Written by a nurse with more than 30 years of experience, Donna is writing to new nurses and letting them know what type of issues will come up, along with how to deal with them. While there are many great tips in the article, nurses should make sure to focus on the positives, making sure you are patient with yourself, continuing to learn and to manage your stress.

The Brentwood library has over 200 books on nursing available. One book that continues the advice that Donna gives is the Everything New Nurse Book: gain confidence, manage your schedule, and deal with the unexpected. (Link to Catalog). It helps prospective and new nurses a guide to becoming a nurse or adjusting to the new career. Come to the library and pick up a copy today.


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