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Slight Changes to the CDC Site

I’ve made some slight changes to the CDC site to highlight some important databases and sites you may want to visit.

The “Computer Resources” Page has now been replaced with a “Learn the Computer” Link on the right hand on this page. They include videos on how to learn to use your computer, as well as important information on how to avoid malicious software and recognize scams.

The “Log In to your E-Mail” Section has now been moved up to the top of the page, letting users quickly log-in to their e-mail from the website without having to scroll down. The Brentwood Job/Study Databases are also now towards the top of the page.

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He hecho algunos pequeños cambios en el sitio del CDC para poner en cuenta algunas importantes bases de datos y sitios que puede visitar.

La pagina “Recursos Informáticos” ha sido sustituido por “Learn the Computer” que aparece en la parte derecha de esta página. Incluyen videos de como aprender a usar el ordenador, así como información importante sobre cómo evitar el software malicioso y reconocer las estafas.

El “Sign-In to your E-Mail” sección se ha trasladado a la parte superior de la página, permitiendo a los usuarios a acceder a su correo electrónico desde la pagina sin tener que desplazarse hacia abajo. Los Brentwood Job/ Study Databases también están en la parte superior de la página.

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How to Write a Cover Letter that Employers Will Actually Read

Cover letters are an important component in the toolkit for your next job. As important as your resume, the cover letter gives employers a reason as to why you are applying, and how you would help their company grow. Whether it’s a warehouse or a architectural design firm, every employer wants to know how you can help reach its goals.

Need to know how to write a good cover letter to a company? Start with Lifehacker’s “How to Write a Cover Letter that Employers Will Actually Read“. The best way to write a cover letter is by knowing the company, knowing yourself (what you bring to the table), and providing examples of your work. Following these steps will help you get closer to your next job.

Part-Time Positions Available around Brentwood 3/26

Jobs in Brentwood – 3/25 Edition

Sequester Exempt Jobs Open in High Priority Agencies – Federal Jobs

From the Federal Jobs Newspaper / Online Digest

The Agencies with high priority missions will likely continue to hire regardless of the budget situation. Agencies that have continued hiring during past budget crises are Homeland Security, Justice and Defense. However, every Agency has positions critical to its mission. If the Agency is to function well, these critical jobs must be maintained. As a result virtually all Agencies will continue hiring to fill mission critical positions.  ‘Mission critical’ can include positions at all levels, professional, support, blue collar.

Therefore, despite the Sequester and cuts, there are agencies that are exempt from the cuts. Mentioning that many agencies were set to receive a 5% increase in funding for this year, the effects of the sequester are debatable in terms of hiring. While others are discouraged from hiring, the best opportunity to apply with a smaller applicant pool is now.

Advanced Resume Writing: “What Font Should I Use?”: Five Principles for Choosing and Using Typefaces

When it comes to writing a resume, any advantage counts. With so many people applying, making your resume look different yet not abandoning the standards of a resume’s style is a tightrope walk. Candidates looking to get ahead read this article, “What Font Should I Use?”: Five Principles for Choosing and Using Typefaces (Smashing Magazine) because understanding what fonts work best for readability help recruiters get to the actual points your resume is trying to get across. While written for Graphic Designers, looking out of the box and applying principles not normally found in Resume writing shows recruiters you’ve gone the extra mile to catch their attention. They will notice, and you will succeed.

7 tips for the perfect boomer résumé – Andrea Coombes’ Working Retirement – MarketWatch

For job seekers these days, crafting the perfect résumé may matter less than making key connections with the right people and ensuring a stellar online presence. But you still need your résumé to shine.

 7 tips for the perfect boomer résumé – Andrea Coombes’ Working Retirement – MarketWatch.