6 Steps to Negotiating Compensation

As a rule, keep in mind that negotiations are not always a negative conversation to have; they are oftentimes expected.

6 Steps to Negotiating Compensation – The Career Chronicles – TheLadders.com

I once knew a friend that when offered a position, immediately accepted without negotiating salary or benefits. The excitement, especially during these times, to get a job can overshadow the fact that the offer is yet another step towards a rewarding career. Negotiating compensation is necessary for a number of reasons. Because every situation is different, negotiating your compensation will provide you with a necessary cushion against any situation. Will you have Children in the future? Are you sending your kids to College? Have you been laid off in the past? These are all real-life situations that could be prepared for by negotiating your compensation package.

Need help negotiating your compensation? Theladders.com’s Career Blog, The Career Chronicles, has a simple 6 step plan to negotiating your compensation package. If you need more help, these books on negotiating can help you in your next job:

Books about Compensation Negotiation:
Negotiation Giants: Get What You Want Against the Odds – John D. Peterson
Next Day Salary Negotiation: Prepare Tonight To Get Your Best Pay Tomorrow – Maryanne Wergerbauer 
Negotiation Boot Camp: How to Resolve Conflict, satisfy Customers, and make better deals – Ed Brodow
Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes are High – Kerry Patterson et al.


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