How Recruiters Really Read Your Resume: 7 Steps in 7 Seconds

The reality is that your resume will most likely never be read in its entirety. And the real thought process when reading is…

“Is there anything in here that will allow me to eliminate this person from further consideration?”

In today’s competitive job market, employers are overwhelmed with the number of applicants, most of whom aren’t even remotely qualified. An employers’ only hope of getting to the viable candidates is to reject as many as possible, as quickly as they can.

How Recruiters Really Read Your Resume: 7 Steps in 7 Seconds (The Savvy Intern)

As reported lately in the news, job openings are at their highest levels since 2005 (Bloomberg). If you’ve been encouraged by the latest news and have decided to take the plunge back into searching, here are a few tips from technology recruiter Harry Urschel on how recruiters look at your resume.

Due to the number of applicants, a recruiter’s goal is to eliminate as many non-qualifying candidates from the interview stage as quickly as possible. In order to keep yourself in the running for your next job, Mr. Usrchel provides us a few tips to keep in mind when sending out your resume. The tips will put you in the mindset of a recruiter (or help you understand how an Applicant Tracking System Works) so when the resume is sent, it is clear, concise and helps recruiters find the most important information about you, as quickly as possible.

Don’t forget the golden rule: No spelling errors!  If you need help with your resume or would like another pair of eyes to help, the Career Center in the Brentwood Public Library is happy and willing to help. Stop by during normal library hours!


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