Breaking Out of Long-Term Unemployment

Throw in the towel? Don’t even think about it, career experts say. They suggest these practical steps to help even the most discouraged unemployed job seeker get motivated and beat the odds.

-Breaking out of Long-Term Unemployment,

The echos of the media this weekend were filled with stories about the long-term unemployed. While these articles may discourage you, has written a short article on Breaking out of Long-Term Unemployment. While these are no guarantees to landing you a job, these tips help the job-seeker get motivated.

Don’t forget, the Career Services Center of the Brentwood Library is here to help you with your resume, cover letters and applying to jobs online. But don’t forget to get out and network with people (friends or co-workers!). New to the area? Volunteering is a great way to expand your network. Click on the link to visit the Long Island Volunteer Center, which has lots of great places you could volunteer your time for.


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