Questions You Should Ask in Your Job Interview

Remember that an interview is a two-way conversation. For you, the interview has three purposes, in the following order of importance:

  • One, to sell yourself, 

  • Two, to evaluate the position, and,

  • Three, get their commitment for (or at least establish their desire for) the next step in the process (whatever it is)

Don’t forget to ask questions during your job interview, for the following reasons above. Pohly’s Net Guide has a listing of important job questions you can ask during the job interview, in case you’re stuck and not sure what to ask. As always, make sure to tailor the questions to your job search and functions. A question such as, “Are any acquisitions, divestitures, or proxy fights on the horizon?” may not be appropriate for certain types of jobs. As always, use common sense and don’t think of asking questions as a bad thing. 

P.S. Pam Pohly’s website also has a listing of resources for workers in the medical profession. Take a look at the resources they have to offer.

Books about Interviewing:
BarrierBreakinginterviewsBarrier-Breaking Resumes & Interviews – Jumping the Hurdle of Unemployment  – Anita Doreen Diggs
No Nonsense Job Interviews : How to Impress prospective employers and ace any interview – Arnold Boldt
sweatySweaty Palms : The Neglected Art of Being Interviewed – H. Anthony Medley


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