5 Things Recruiters Wish Job Seekers Knew About Them

I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a recruiter have a “light” day. Phones are constantly ring off the hook, e-mails flood in, daily status meetings interrupt the day, and screening candidates is more than time consuming. For most recruiters, this is their day-to-day.

Many recruiters do a job that could truly require the help of three people. With all those disruptions occurring, it can take a bit longer than you would like for them to pull your resume, review and communicate.

If you’ve decided to go through an agency to help you find a job, your frustration levels may be high due to the inability to get in contact with a job recruiter. Written from a Recruiter’s point of view, 5 Things Recruiters Wish Job Seekers Knew About Them lets you know what the day in the life of a Recruiter is. Understanding the way a recruiter spends their day can give you a competitive advantage in landing your next job (or becoming more aggressive in your job search).

Books about Recruiters/Recruiting:
powerinterviewsPower Interviews: Job-winning tactics from Fortune 500 recruiters – Neil Yeager

unbeatableresumesUnbeatable Resumes: America’s Top recruiter reveals what really gets you hired – Tony Beshara


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