10 Guidelines for Awesome Job Search References

Most employers will ask you to provide personal and/or professional references. Your resume and your answers during the interview showed you have the necessary skills to get the job done. Now they want to know what your former co-workers think about you… a picture of you, from outside perspectives:

10 Guidelines for Awesome Job Search References (The Savvy Intern)

En Español

Every employer asks for references, so a smart strategy can cover any question marks and reinforce your position for working. Because of the state of the economy, gone are the days where you get three references and send them off. Now, employers want to cover all their bases before they can offer you the position. For the employer, it makes sense: with a glut of qualified candidates, they want to be absolutely positive that they are not overlooking another (better) candidate. For the employee to-be, this means trying to cover as much of your references and experiences as possible, without having to let an employer guess about your work ethic and history. The article will give you a thought-out strategy to providing references, and what you should communicate to your references.

Cada empleador pide referencias, por lo que una estrategia inteligente puede cubrir los signos de interrogación y reforzar su posición de trabajo. Debido a la situación de la economía, se han ido los días en que usted consigue tres referencias y lo envia. Ahora, los empresarios quieren cubrir todas sus bases antes de que te puede ofrecer la posición. Para el empleador, tiene sentido: con un exceso de candidatos calificados, quieren estar absolutamente seguro de que no están pasando por otro candidato (mejor). Para el empleado a-ser, esto significa tratar de cubrir la mayor parte de sus referencias y experiencias de lo posible, sin tener que dejar que un empleador adivinar acerca de su ética de trabajo y la historia. El artículo le dará una estrategia pensada para proporcionar referencias, y lo que se debe comunicar a sus referencias.


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