Understanding Applicant Tracking Systems

In fact, what matters most to applicant tracking systems is the uniqueness or “rarity” of the keyword or the keyword phrase, says Ciampi. That is, the keywords and phrases must be specific to a particular job ad. Applicant tracking systems, which “see” all job ads a company has ever published, determine which keywords and phrases in a specific job ad are unique to that job ad, says Ciampi.

Jon Ciampi, CEO of Preptel, explaining how Applicant Tracking Systems Work (Career Geek Blog)

If you’ve applied online to anywhere from a local small business to a major multinational employer, you have used an Applicant Tracking System. It is a complete break from the past and a new way to select employees. Want to know how it works? Click on the link to see how you can avoid being part of the 75% of applicants that are automatically rejected by this new method of hiring employees. This link by Cio.com will also give you 5 Insider Secrets for optimizing your resume for an ATS. A major difference: Cio.com recommends making your resume longer than a page.


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