Is Your Resume Searchable? How Do Recruiters Find You?

In my past recruiting roles, I would do simple searches on job boards like Careerbuilder or Monster. Recently, however, I learned there are even better ways to find candidates that possess all the qualities the job opening requires.

Recruiters are effectively utilizing Boolean search strings to identify top candidate matches.

Is Your Resume Searchable? How do Recruiters Find You? (The Savvy Intern)

The way we write resumes are changing with the rise in technology. That’s why if you haven’t updated or optimized your resume, you may not be getting any responses. We can help you! This article explains the way Human Resources professionals are searching for qualified candidates. Using Boolean Operators, these tools help them find the best resumes and the best candidates. Did you know that in Library School, Librarians are taught the fundamentals of Boolean Operators? Read this article, then come to the Career Center to see if your resume is fit to be sent! Good Luck!

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