Ready Reference Tip #1: Civil Service: Where Should I Look?

Finding open vacancies through Civil Service can be a complex and complicated process. Each department may maintain their own Civil Service Vacancies page or have different ways to apply. The easiest way to find Civil Service Open-Competitive positions is through the The Chief (also online at and Federal Jobs (Also online at Newspapers. These periodicals, found in the Career Center, are the easiest way to find open positions in the area. Because they are Reference copies, they may not leave the library. But ask us, and we will be happy to show you where they are.

Also, it’s important to note that Suffolk County Civil Service is not listed in the Chief or Federal Jobs. You will have to go through the website to find vacancies in Suffolk County. Another major employer, Stony Brook University, is also not listed. Vacancies @ Stony Brook could be found by clicking here.


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