Cover Letter TMI: How Much is Too Much?

Standing out from other job candidates is challenging, so it often works well to get a little creative in your cover letter.

Cover Letter TMI: How Much is Too Much? -YouTern

While getting creative is a great way to stand out in a cover letter, sharing irrelevant or too much information can make you look unprofessional. How much information is too much? Well, any marital or personal information not relevant to the job is too much. Try to keep this rule of thumb: The more you focus on the stories that prove your strengths, the better your cover letter. That’s because employers want to see what you have done best in your cover letter. Was there ever a problematic client that later praised you for excellent service? Did you turn a poorly-performing department around, and increased sales?  Were you able to implement a new plan, or simply received praise for doing things a little differently? Make sure you let your future employers know! Always write a cover letter for each job you are applying to!


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