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Toughest Job Interview Questions: What are your Greatest Weaknesses?


Suffolk County Civil Service Positions Open

List of Available Exams ( Last Updated 7/17/2013 12:45PM )
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Spec Title Last Filing Date Exam Date Non-Refundable Fee Apply For Exam
1148 ASSISTANT COUNTY ARCHITECT Promotional 08/14/13 09/21/13 $25.00
5049 CONSTABLE (VILLAGE OF WEST HAMPTON DUNES) Open-competitive 07/24/13 07/24/13 $35.00
1149 COUNTY ARCHITECT Promotional 08/14/13 09/21/13 $25.00
0045 COURT STENOGRAPHER Open-competitive 07/24/13 07/24/13 $35.00
0110 DUPLICATING MACHINE OPERATOR I Open-competitive 08/21/13 09/28/13 $35.00
2670 EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIAN – BASIC Continuous Recruitment $35.00
2674 EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIAN – PARAMEDIC Continuous Recruitment $35.00
2270 FORENSIC SCIENTIST I (CHEMICAL) Open-competitive 07/24/13 07/24/13 $35.00
2261 FORENSIC SCIENTIST II (TOXICOLOGY) Promotional 07/24/13 07/24/13 $25.00
2286 FORENSIC SCIENTIST III (CHEMICAL) Promotional 07/24/13 07/24/13 $25.00
0749 HEALTH FACILITIES MANAGER Open-competitive 08/14/13 09/21/13 $35.00
2641 MEDICAL SERVICES SPECIALIST Continuous Recruitment $35.00
0758 NETWORK AND SYSTEMS TECHNICIAN Open-competitive 07/24/13 07/24/13 $35.00
0758 NETWORK AND SYSTEMS TECHNICIAN Promotional 07/24/13 07/24/13 $25.00
1002 SENIOR ENGINEERING AIDE Promotional 08/14/13 09/21/13 $25.00
0556 SENIOR PROGRAMMER ANALYST Promotional 08/14/13 08/14/13 $25.00
2325 SUPERVISING PHYSICAL THERAPIST Promotional 07/24/13 07/24/13 $25.00
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7 Ways Your Resume and LinkedIn Should Differ

When looking for a new job, you might be tempted to choose the “easy” way of simply cutting one section of a résumé after another and pasting them in turn into the corresponding spot on your profile. However, doing this demonstrates a failure to understand what social media is all about,

7 Ways Your Resume and LinkedIn Should Differ – US News & World Report – On Careers

Have a Resume and a Linkedin Profile? Wondering what the differences between the both of them are? Click here to read this article that will give you helpful tips to look great on Linkedin while understanding what makes it different than a traditional Resume.

Top 10 Ways to Get a Job Opening

“…while the job seekers ratio has held steady at 3.4 job seekers to one job opening, any number over three means that that there are “no jobs available for two out of three workers.” I also found it very interesting that the same report states that job seekers far outnumber job openings across every sector. Couple this with persistently low hiring and we are finding that unemployment lengths remain unusually high.

Given this less than wonderful news, what can you do to ensure that you are taking all necessary steps to avoid becoming one of the long-term unemployed?”

Top 10 Ways to Get a Job Opening –

The best way to get a job opening is to know that your resume is only the first step in a job search. Using your personal network and going to events where you can promote yourself to professionals in your field are, among other ways, the best ways to land an opening. Want to know the 10 best ways to get a Job Opening? Take a look at’s article.

What is Your Resume’s IPS?

When a recruiter reads your resume, the document has only seven to ten seconds to catch their attention. In that short time, the decision is made to discard, or move to the next round of the process.

At my own reading speed, that short window equates to about 22 to 30 words. Given that short amount of time to make a great impression, it’s important to make every second – every millisecond – count.

What is Your Resume’s Impressions Per Second? – Youtern

This article by Youtern gives great tips helping your Resume Communication. Omitting articles, replacing objective statements with skills summaries, and being concise will get you hired!

Behavior Based Interviews: How to Answer them!

State Veteran’s Counselor (And Spanish Speaking) Exams Open

Click here to see the Announcement.

Applications Must Be Submitted or Postmarked By August 07, 2013

Written Test To Be Held September 21, 2013


As a State Veterans Counselor, you will assist, counsel, and advocate for veterans and members of the armed services and their families and survivors on concerns relating to their rights and benefits, including matters pertaining to educational training, military law, employment and reemployment, health, medical and rehabilitation services and facilities, and the provisions of laws relating to veterans’ rights and privileges. In addition, you will prepare and process claims, maintain liaison with public and private agencies which provide benefits for veterans, disseminate information to local news media, make personal appearances before local veterans and civic organizations, manage a local Division of Veterans’ Affairs Office, and perform other duties as directed. You may also supervise support staff.