Your Resume: The Objective Statement Must Die

The problem is that an objective statement is completely self-centered.

Your Resume: The Objective Statement Must Die (Youtern)

Why avoid an objective statement at all costs? Because hiring managers average  6 seconds when looking at a resume,  you want to have your resume stand out in a way that tells the recruiter that you can help their bottom line. While you certainly have wants, the resume is your marketing tool for showing hiring managers that what the company wants  is what you can supply. If you have 10 years of experience in sales with 9 out of those 10 being the top salesperson, and the company wants a high-performing salesperson, you should not have an objective statement be about wanting to move up as a manager or leader. While this may be a long-term if you get the job, you have given up a valuable part of the resume (the top) that is irrelevant to the employers needs. 

Instead, provide a value proposition (as the article notes) to quantify your skills. Not only will this give the hiring manager a sense of context to your past jobs, but most importantly, will keep them from guessing. You never want an employer to guess what you did.


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