Top 10 Ways to Get a Job Opening

“…while the job seekers ratio has held steady at 3.4 job seekers to one job opening, any number over three means that that there are “no jobs available for two out of three workers.” I also found it very interesting that the same report states that job seekers far outnumber job openings across every sector. Couple this with persistently low hiring and we are finding that unemployment lengths remain unusually high.

Given this less than wonderful news, what can you do to ensure that you are taking all necessary steps to avoid becoming one of the long-term unemployed?”

Top 10 Ways to Get a Job Opening –

The best way to get a job opening is to know that your resume is only the first step in a job search. Using your personal network and going to events where you can promote yourself to professionals in your field are, among other ways, the best ways to land an opening. Want to know the 10 best ways to get a Job Opening? Take a look at’s article.


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