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Librarian II Civil Service Exam Open – And Other Suffolk Civil Service Positions Open

Visit to see the positions available. Refer back to our post on how to apply to apply for the job you want. Make sure to read the job descriptions and requirements thoroughly – Good Luck!

Did you Know?If you are…
…Unemployed and are Head of Household,
…Eligible for Medicaid,
…Receiving Supplemental Security Income Payments,
…Receiving Public Assistance,
…In a Certified Job Training Partnership Act,
…An officer or member of the Suffolk County Auxilary Police,
…A veteran released from active duty and a Suffolk County Resident,
…A volunteer firefighter or Volunteer EMT and a Suffolk County Resident,
…A volunteer member of the Suffolk County Emergency

…you may be granted a fee waiver! Check in with Civil Service or your local library to get a copy.


Eastern Suffolk BOCES and Wilson Tech Schools are Registering Applicants

Most classes at Wilson Tech start on the week of Sept 9th, while Eastern Suffolk BOCES have New Student Registration September 9th and 10th. Returning Student Registration begins on Sept 11th, with classes starting the week of Sept. 23rd. 

Their websites can help you select a program or classes, while registering online. 

Western Suffolk BOCES (Wilson Tech)
631-667-6000 x320 for more information

Eastern Suffolk BOCES
31-244-5896 for more information.

The FBI is Hiring

FBIHiringFederal Bureau of Investigation Careers


6 Things You Could Use to Explain Resume Gaps

Volunteer: Don’t shy away from stating your volunteer activities on your resume, whether it be for a nonprofit for a cause you love or doing some pro bono work in your field. Both kinds of volunteer work make for great learning experiences.

6 Things You Could Use to Explain Resume Gaps

If you have a Gap on your resume, doing volunteer work in your community or volunteer work for the field you would like to be in is a great way to get experience and show employers that you are committed to your career. There are many other ways to fill gaps in your employment history that will be looked upon favorably. The article can give you some good ideas to fill those gaps. If you are interested in Volunteer work, the Long Island Volunteer Center is a website that can provide you listings of hundreds of organizations looking for volunteers. You might be able to find a position that can land you your next job.

Do you want to explain the Gap in your resume because of a pregnancy? Work It, Mom! has a page that can help you construct an explanation as well as provide with some valuable skills that employers look for.

Distinguishing Yourself from Other Applicants using the STAR Method

The STAR method, which stands for Situation, Task, Action, Results best prepares applicants for getting the context of your job across to people who hire. MyCareer@VA has a page explaining the STAR method to help you get your next job. If you simply list your job duties, you may leave the employer wondering: How good were they at their job? How quickly did they work? Were they saving the company money or making money for the company?

Remember, you should be as detailed as possible when explaining your job duties on your resume. It can mean employing or another day looking.

Want to know about the STAR method at interviews? This past post can help!

Job Corps Informational Seminar Tomorrow 6-7PM

Want to know about Jobcorps, the no-cost educational and vocational training program administered by the Department of Labor that helps people ages 16-24? Come to our Informational Seminar Tomorrow at 6PM! All are welcome.

What Can Job Corps Do for You?

Smiling Job Corps student working on an engine

What you want:

  • A better-paying job.
  • Financial assistance while you learn.
  • An experience that will jump-start your career.

What we’ll give you:

  • Hands-on career technical training with real employers to make sure that the skills you learn are the ones you need. See ourCareers page for details.
  • Education that applies to real-world business. You can earn a high school diploma or GED at the same time you are learning important career technical skills.
  • Money for each month you’re in the program. But just like a real job, taxes are deducted from your allowance.
  • The path to a promising career. Job Corps works with you to develop a personalized career development plan including an area of training that will offer high-paying job opportunities.
  • Services to help you be healthy and happy. Job Corps students have access to on-center health clinics, and some centers even provide special programs for students who are single parents.
  • A safe environment that promotes your growth and development. See our Center Life page for more information.
  • Help finding a job. Job Corps will help you develop interview skills, finalize your resume, and search for a job that matches your career technical skills training.

How to Explain Being Fired on a Job Interview

If you encountered a termination in the past, it’s one you will get asked – guaranteed.

How to Explain Being Fired on a Job Interview – US News

If you’ve ever been fired from a job interview, be prepared to address it at a job interview. Be ready by practicing what you will say, how you will say it, and how you think the manager will take it. Need some tips? Look at this article to get a good idea as to how to answer this dreaded question.