6 Things You Could Use to Explain Resume Gaps

Volunteer: Don’t shy away from stating your volunteer activities on your resume, whether it be for a nonprofit for a cause you love or doing some pro bono work in your field. Both kinds of volunteer work make for great learning experiences.

6 Things You Could Use to Explain Resume Gaps

If you have a Gap on your resume, doing volunteer work in your community or volunteer work for the field you would like to be in is a great way to get experience and show employers that you are committed to your career. There are many other ways to fill gaps in your employment history that will be looked upon favorably. The article can give you some good ideas to fill those gaps. If you are interested in Volunteer work, the Long Island Volunteer Center is a website that can provide you listings of hundreds of organizations looking for volunteers. You might be able to find a position that can land you your next job.

Do you want to explain the Gap in your resume because of a pregnancy? Work It, Mom! has a page that can help you construct an explanation as well as provide with some valuable skills that employers look for.


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