Millenials: Here’s Why Employers Won’t Hire You (And the Fix)

That’s right. According to a survey of recruiters, 60 percent of employers would rather hire mature workers, while only 20 percent would choose to hire Millennials. Why?

There are apparently several critical qualities employers said many Millennials lack. Let’s take a look at those, as well as what we Millennials can do to overcome those perceptions:

Millenials: Here’s Why Employers Won’t Hire You (And the Fix) (Youtern)

Perception is a Millennial’s major obstacle to employment. According to an Adecco survey, hiring managers are more likely to hire Mature Workers than a Millennial Employee. Why?

While Mature Workers are seen as more professional and reliable, Millennials are considered the complete opposite. Poor writing skills, a lack of commitment,  inappropriate attire, and Social Media posts that are either A)inappropriate or B)displays poor writing hold millenials back.
To counteract these negative perceptions, prominently show any position of leadership you have held. Practice your writing. Take it seriously. Be aware that everything you post (even if you think it’s private) will eventually become public. Poor communication skills will make a sentence you consider innocuous inflammatory to others. If you haven’t cleaned up your social media profiles, please do so right now.

Millennials have a lot going for them. They are considered creative, strong networkers, and technologically savvy. Keep these, as well as the tips offered in the blog post, in mind when applying for your next job.


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