18 Things to Bring on A Job Interview

Everyone wonder what to bring on an interview? There’s a lot more than you think! Here are 18 things you should have with you:

18 Things To Bring On A Job Interview (AOL Careers Articles)

These pointers should give you a friendly reminder when you’re called for a job interview. A lot of these tips are basic, such as: dress professionally, make sure to bring extra copies of your resume, and be prepared to answer difficult interview questions. Some may be less common, but just as important. The nerves building up before your interview may make you want to say “No” when asked if you have any questions for the company. But, try to think of a few questions that will show the employer that you’ve spent some time researching their company. (Don’t ask about benefits. If you’re hired, the time will come for that. The interview process is not the time, unless explicitly noted.). Also, a typed up set of references are essential. Making sure to read these tips the night before an interview. It’ll help you relax and feel more mentally prepared to ace the interview.


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