Why You Need to Include Soft Skills On Your Resume

Dorothy Dalton has written an excellent article on including Soft Skills on Your Resume. Also mentioned on the Glassdoor Blog, including Soft Skills in your resume helps develop your Career accomplishments into a narrative that will entice hiring managers.

There are a number of reasons to list your soft skills on your resume. They will synthesize the hard skills of results and measurable actions with the narrative arc of where you would want to end up in your career. Most importantly, they focus more on what the resume is trying to convey to a hiring manager as a whole, rather than small tweaks that are frequently blogged about (including by this author). A development and the introduction of soft skills on a resume will not only force a hiring manager to look at your resume twice, but also pick up the phone and call you for an interview.

But most importantly, thinking about your soft skills will force you to think: What do the jobs and the work I’ve done in them say about where I want my Career to go? It’s a difficult question to think about. But in the end, it helps guide you to your own professional fulfillment.

Want to see what the most important Soft Skills are? Please visit Dorothy Dalton’s Website for more great tips. 


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