Overcoming the Overqualified Label in a Job Interview

Need a job, but are considered overqualified? Need strategies to keep Hiring Managers from using your experience and skills against you? These strategies, by Job Interviews for Dummies, can help.

There are a number of reasons why Interviewers would ask if you feel overqualified. They may believe that you’ll leave the job when something better comes up. You may get bored with the work assigned, or find it difficult to work with younger administrators. You don’t have to be caught by surprise when the question comes up. Remain confident, and prepare for the question with these tips. While you can’t ever be sure why the Hiring Manager will ask these questions it’s best to know the major perceptions of overqualified workers. Be  prepared, have a practiced answer to the question, and move on. Removing the doubt in a hiring managers mind with greatly improve your chances of getting hired.


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