Improve Your Resume With Volunteer Work

Feeding the homeless or stuffing envelopes may be well-meaning ways to give. But to add some oomph to your résumé, consider helping those same organizations by offering to do what you’re good at. It might be customer service, marketing, recruiting, office management, fundraising or computer technology. Nonprofits, especially, will be glad to have you.

Improve Your Resume With Volunteer Work – Stacey Julien, AARP

Volunteering is an excellent way to do some good for yourself and your community. Absolutely add the experience to your resume if you’re out of work. Hiring Managers are impressed with knowing that your skills were in use. Volunteering also helps you get “out there” to network. Going to work, even if it’s volunteer work, gets you back into work mode. Of course, volunteering for your community is a selfless and excellent way to improve the lives of others.

Need help finding a place that needs your experience? The Long Island Volunteer Center is an excellent resource for volunteer opportunities. One of ten regional Volunteer Centers in the state, the Long Island Volunteer Center provides a Directory and a Seasonal List of Volunteer Opportunities. Your experience is a wonderful asset for these agencies so don’t be afraid to call and ask.


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