The Only Interview Question that Matters

But the real secret ingredient is not the question; that’s just a setup. The most important elements are the details underlying the accomplishment. This is what real interviewing is about — delving into the details.

The Only Interview Question that Matters – BusinessInsider, Lou Adler, Inc.

Want to know the question? If answered correctly, your ability to get the job will be so much greater.

Of course, the question is not the only part that matters. It’s how you create the story to your accomplishment. Was it a challenge? Did you do things that were different, but proved to be successful? Did you have to convince colleagues or managers of your vision? Everyone has an accomplishment they can be proud of, whether you are in College, a person in the middle of their Career, a Career Changer, or any other type of circumstance. If you can calmly and clearly explain to a hiring manager what steps you took to reach your goal (think of the STAR Method for guidance) you will be head and shoulders ahead of others trying to get your job.  You can do this!

What if your greatest accomplishment is not related to the job? If done correctly, you should showcase your all-important transferable skills. Don’t know about transferable skills? Learn more about this through the Department of Labor’s Website, My Skills My Future.


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