How to Stalk Your Future Employer (Without Being Creepy)

I probably don’t have to tell you that you need to research any role or company you’re applying to. With the amount of information available online, it’s absolutely inexcusable for a candidate not to know the basics before an interview.

But how much, exactly, are you supposed to know? And is there such a thing as knowing too much about a potential employer or hiring manager?…Don’t worry, though—all your investigative research won’t go to waste. Follow these guidelines, and you can continue your employer stalking without being a creep.

How to Stalk Your Future Employer (Without Being Creepy) –Ryan Kahn, via DailyMuse

Company research is very important but knowing a little too much can also cost you the job. Ryan Kahn has some helpful tips on Interview Etiquette when it comes to doing company research. You should absolutely do research on the company. Doing research and looking up information in the form of visiting their website and looking at the LinkedIn profiles of employees, Glassdoor reviews will certainly help you get on the inside track. Knowing the names of the interviewer’s pets and where they spent their last three vacations is overkill. Know where the limits to company research are with Ryan Kahn’s article for Daily Muse.


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