The 31 Best Linkedin Profile Tips for Job Seekers

Include a Current Job Entry, Even When Unemployed

The 31 Best Linkedin Profile Tips for Job Seekers – The Daily Muse

Everyone needs a little bit of help with Linkedin because nobody is a pro at it. Think about it…who do you know who can say “I know everything about Linkedin!”. It’s very rare. You don’t have to be a pro to use Linkedin effectively to land your next job.

Of course, Linkedin is not for everybody. But if Linkedin will help you improve your chances of getting a job in your industry (if Linkedin is used in your industry to hire / promote talented people like you) then it’s always good to brush up on some tips. Because while you may be a pro at Linkedin, the person using Linkedin to hire you may not be.

Uncertainty is a given in this world. When it comes to looking for your next job, it’s the removal of uncertainty that should be Job No. 1. Keep this goal in mind whenever you are looking for your next job and it will reward you more than you know!


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