5 Ways to Win an Employee Referral and Get Hired

Another great way to find someone to refer you is to get involved with industry and professional organizations. When joining an organization, you’ll have access to professionals in your industry who can connect you to job opportunities. Plus, you’ll discover exclusive job opportunities that were available for organization members, too.

5 Ways to Win an Employee Referral and Get Hired – Glassdoor Blogs

Did you know an employee referral is  of the best ways to get hired? If you’re a recent graduate or changing careers, networking your way into a job is difficult. That’s because you may not know many people who have experience in the field you want to work in. But with the right plan, you could turn your job search around and land your next job. For example, for recent graduates, reach out to your Career Services Department. The alumni network of your school maybe be a great place to start networking. Maybe they have a subscription to some local, regional or state occupational groups that you could use to attend a networking session? Even if you’ve graduated, most Colleges allow alumni to continue to use their Career Development Centers.

But make sure to take a look at Glassdoor’s excellent post on getting hired with an employee referral.


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