9 Job Interviews, 9 Lessons Learned (The Hard Way)

Interviews make people nervous. Nervous people sweat. Sweaty people smell, and their hands get wet. Smelly, wet people don’t get a lot of job offers.

9 Job Interviews, 9 Lessons Learned (The Hard Way) – TheSavvyIntern

Read this article to be completely prepared for the interview. It will bring your interview into perspective and give you the confidence to own the interview. The little things (unfortunately overlooked) like wearing deodorant and keeping in mind that the interview is also nervous makes you feel more at ease. If you think about it, how often do supervisors interview employees? If it’s a small company, then not often. Use it to your advantage: prepare yourself by studying interview questions  and tell yourself that you could do this. Breathe deeply and ask yourself…can I see myself working here? Not only are you interviewing for a job, but you’re interviewing the job, the environment, co-workers, etc. Keep these things in perspective and good luck!


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