5 Tips for Job Seekers to Stay Positive

 According to May’s job report from the BLS, the U.S. economy added 217,000 jobs, which is more jobs than the country has ever had before.

Despite the growth in jobs, it can still seem like there aren’t enough opportunities available for job seekers. If you’re feeling a little down and looking for positivity in your search, repeat these five job search mantras after me:

5 Tips for Job Seekers to Stay Positive – Glassdoor Blog

You can do it!

It may be hard to admit that looking for a job is hurting you. But you’re not alone. With help from a number of different agencies, you life can improve. You may be interested in joining a Job-Hunters Club or a class on How to Handle a Job loss. The Patchogue Department of Labor offers both classes. They could be reached at 631-687-4833. They can help you. Job referrals, classes, Career Counselors, a Computer and telephone bank are all available for you at no cost. The Suffolk County One-Stop in Hauppauge (631-853-6600) also offers classes and job-hunting groups. Feeling better and get together with people that want you to feel better!


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