A Quick Way to Tell How Your Cover Letter Sounds to Others

For those oh-so-important documents—your resume, your cover letter, a memo to your boss—that’s exactly where Hemingway comes in.

Drop your text onto the page (or use the desktop version), and the color-coded app will give your writing a once-over. Is a sentence too wordy, overly complex, or totally unreadable? It’ll be highlighted in red until you revise it. Tend to overuse the passive voice? Every instance of it will show up in green. The site will even recommend when you can use shorter or simpler words (Why take up precious resume space with “utilize” when you can say “use?”).

A Quick Way to Tell How Your Cover Letter Sounds to Others – TheMuse

Ever wanted to write better but needed to learn NOW? The Hemingway App will help you write better for free. To get an idea of how the Hemingway App works, copy and paste your cover letter into the site. Highlight your entire cover letter, copy (CTRL – C) and Paste (CTRL – V) it in the window. When you don’t have anyone else to ask, the Hemingway app gives you a quick way to tell how easy your letter is to read. I use it every day!


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