YouTern’s Top 50 Blogs for Young Careerists

With all the career sites out there, how did we select these 50 bloggers?

  • First and foremost: the quality of the content; nothing is more important
  • Second, we value consistency: frequency of blogging, a constant voice, etc. (sadly, some of the best career bloggers don’t contribute consistently enough to make this list)
  • Third, we chose to eliminate those in the deep end of the self-promotion pool (a blog has to be more than a sales pitch)
  • Lastly, we selected those bloggers, regardless of their years of experience (yes, that means there are some old-school types on the list) whose advice is applicable to young careerists

YouTern’s Top 50 Blogs for Young Careerists – YouTern

Do you need help with everything that has to do with Careers? You want to take a look at this list! The bloggers are no. 1 when it comes to your next job. For a Career that will have you moving forward, take a look at these sites for all the information you need. While it’s tailored for people starting out in their Career, you may be interested in knowing the new trends in hiring. Take a look! And, get ready to impress your interviewers!


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