Want to see where your Skills can get you hired?

Glassdoor, the Job Search and Career Advice Website, has launched a new feature of their site called Jobs Explorer. Praised by President Joe Biden, the site allows you to see where your skills or occupation could land you a job. Ever wondered if you could make more money as a teacher…in Texas? Or as a Welder in North Dakota? Using the data from Glassdoor’s job listings, you can now find out.

More Features include:

  • For dual-income households, Job Explorer also allows job seekers to determine the best location for the couple, based on two job searches at the same time.
  • …A career progression tool. Using Glassdoor’s resume database, it allows a job seeker to see what other jobs they may be qualified for based on others who have had the same experience.

Watch the video to learn a little more about how Glassdoor’s Job Explorer tool could help you find your next job. Click here to try it out.


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