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Nervous Networker? Here’s 20 Confidence Building Conversation Starters

You aren’t alone. In fact, Lee Hecht Harrison surveyed 440 U.S job seekers via an online poll in April 2014 asking, “What area of job search networking is most frequently holding you back?” The survey found:

  • Identifying potential networking partners 31%
  • Lack of clear strategy at networking meetings 25%
  • Making initial contact via phone or email 24
  • Lacking confidence at group networking events 19%

Nervous Networker? Here’s 20 Confidence Building Conversation Starters (The Savvy Intern)

Did you know that you needed a networking plan when you go to a networking event, or any event with people to impress? Use these tips to navigate through a networking event with excellence!



USAJOBS in NY / Long Island

  1. Tree Climber
  2. Criminal Investigator
  3. Animal Health Technician
  4. Individual Assistance Contracting Officer Representative Specialist
  5. Legal Assistant (Court) Office Automation
  6. Community Planner
  7. Civil Engineer (Design Engineer)
  8. Auditor (Forensic Auditor)
  10. Physician Assistant (Mid-Level Practitioner)

These Federal Jobs were pulled from USAJOBS.GOV. Visit the site for more information on Federal Job Openings. It’s the only place to find and apply to Federal Jobs. 

Beware of Federal Job Scams! 

Stony Brook University Jobs / Vacancies for the Week of August 10th, 2014

The Weekly listings for job openings @ Stony Brook University have been posted. Stony Brook University Jobs for the Week of August 10th. With over 20 pages of jobs, an interesting career awaits.

Click on the link above to see all the openings for this week. You’ll need Adobe Reader to open the .pdf file. Download Adobe Reader by clicking here.

Job-Seeker Rejection Files: When Keeping It Real Goes Right

Several are common pet peeves of HR professionals, managers and entrepreneurs who review thousands of applicants per week.

Here are a few I found myself saying ‘Amen’ to:

Janell Hazlewood – Job-Seeker Rejection Files: When Keeping It Real Goes Right (BlackEnterprise)

Don’t make these cover letter mistakes. No one has the time to download your cover letter and read it, or answer questions that you ask, or read a cover letter that clearly didn’t read the requirements. Better yet, don’t ever send a generic cover letter. Follow Janell’s tips to keep your application from the rejection pile.

The Introvert’s Guide to Successful Networking

While I am in the situation often enough, making small talk with strangers never comes naturally to me. I often find myself decidedly outside my comfort zone in rooms full of new people.

So, over the years, I’ve come up with my own playbook to become more successful in those situations. Networking is hard work for me, but I don’t want that to be obvious to everyone in the room. Having a plan — a system and structure to fall back on — is the first step to mitigating anxiety and improving your ability to make a meaningful connection with someone new.

The Introvert’s Guide to Successful Networking (TheSavvyIntern)

While it may not be easy to strike up a conversation with someone who you’re trying to get a job from, these situations can be less stressful with a little practice. Take a look at the article and learn the tips that introverts can use to become better communicators. While being shy is tough, I promise you that being chatty can be learned! With a gift of (learned) gab, there’s no telling how far you can go!

Long Island Companies Are Hiring! At a Glance for the Week of 8/4/2014

This list is compiled by the New York Department of Labor in the Long Island (Nassau-Suffolk) Region. It can be found by visiting the Suffolk County Government Website, under Government – Labor, then click on Jobs at a Glance.

Click on this link to view the jobs listed. There are three pages of companies advertising vacancies on Long Island.

Positions around Brentwood Listed by Craigslist for 8/6/2014

These listing have been pulled from Craigslist, with these jobs being listed within the last 4 days. Take a look, you may find your next job here!