5 Ways Baby Boomer Job Seekers Can Build an Online Presence

“Another way to get your name and personal brand out there is to comment on top blogs in your industry, Mufson says, adding to sign with your full name and professional title. “It’s an opportunity where you can write something knowledgeable and show you understand who the experts are in your field,”

5 Ways Baby Boomer Job Seekers Can Build an Online Presence (U.S. News and World Report – Money)

Create a LinkedIn profile, comment on websites related to your industry and Google yourself. These simple tips will help you build your online presence.

Why do you need an online presence? Because employers will look for you! Here are a few other tips to build your presence: read articles about your field and share them on LinkedIn. It shows employers that you are up to date with current trends. Do you have business cards? Consider adding the web address to your LinkedIn profile. It will make it easy for employers to find you online, the way you want them to. Not totally comfortable with creating a web presence? Visit sites like DigitalLearn.org,  GCFLearnFree.org, and Onguardonline.org. OnGuard Online is a federal website that can help you identify and avoid scams. Hope this helps!


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