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Congratulations on your new job!!!!!


“Mark Kiziuk

I had been out of work for about a month, applying to just about every job I could find. I got a lot of phone calls from recruiters trying to connect me with jobs, but never got a solid job offer. I went to the Brentwood Public Library to see if I could print copies of my resume that I had been using that had always gotten me a job for about 25 years now. I showed my resume to one of the girls at the career center and she told me to get rid of the dates on my schools. So I did, and then I re-submitted my resume to CareerBuilder and Indeed. I got calls from good companies within that same week! I went on two interviews and 1 of those companies called me back and gave me a job offer! I start my new job this Monday, and I really can’t thank the Brentwood Public Library enough! They say that employers are not allowed to discriminate by age, but it is obvious that they do! I am 55 years old and I now have a good job with the help of the Brentwood Public Library! Plus, at the Brentwood Public Library Career Center you can use their fax machine, and I believe you can print out 30 free pages for your resume. Plus they have a lot of articles for job seekers and the staff are very educated in helping you find a job! And it’s all FREE! ”


Thank you Mr. Kiziuk for taking the time to write this inspiring comment.  To see results and comments like this one is what help us give our best and help as much as we can at the Brentwood Public Library – Career Center.  We want to congratulate you on your new job and wish you the best of luck!!! We are here to assist and provide the needed tools to make sure you make a good impression when going for a job interview.