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Local Business Entrepreneur Success Story



My name is Myrna B. Gonzalez, I am proud to say I am a first time new business owner of the only pet grooming facility in the immediate area of Brentwood. We are Ooh la la Posh Pets Grooming and Boutique.  We are located at 812 Suffolk Avenue, in Brentwood where the Brentwood-Islip Veterinarian Hospital is at in Brentwood.  Our venture started with one of our recently departed babies. My Maltese, my love, my shadow Lola.  She was the star in our house.  The little dog with a big heart and personality.  She was in my eyes the best looking Maltese I’ve seen.  When she passed it was a devastating period the family went through.  Her groomer then mentioned to me the place he worked closed shop.

I stood devastated and figured I would have to take her elsewhere.  Then a seed was planted.  How can I do this? I looked into what it would take to reopen the business, and saw the seminars the Brentwood Public Library, Career Center was offering. I attended the seminars held by SCORE, I cannot begin to express the amount of information that is offered to those that seek it for FREE… It was so incredible spectacular to know that there were people willing and able.

As I was on this highway of knowledge, I come to find out so many other venues of assistance that was out there for first time potential business owners.  At the library is where I met yet another but different representative.  This representative Mrs.Susana Ortega from the NYS Small Business Development Center Stony Brook University, who guided me in a few essential topics of how to proceed with establishing my business. In addition to good conversation, Susana was a great assistance in providing yet more information.  It is unconceivable how the library has such a valuable information that is not utilized by many.  I highly recommend to always check with your local library for any essential information you may need.  Never know what is at your fingertips.

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