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Want to see where your Skills can get you hired?

Glassdoor, the Job Search and Career Advice Website, has launched a new feature of their site called Jobs Explorer. Praised by President Joe Biden, the site allows you to see where your skills or occupation could land you a job. Ever wondered if you could make more money as a teacher…in Texas? Or as a Welder in North Dakota? Using the data from Glassdoor’s job listings, you can now find out.

More Features include:

  • For dual-income households, Job Explorer also allows job seekers to determine the best location for the couple, based on two job searches at the same time.
  • …A career progression tool. Using Glassdoor’s resume database, it allows a job seeker to see what other jobs they may be qualified for based on others who have had the same experience.

Watch the video to learn a little more about how Glassdoor’s Job Explorer tool could help you find your next job. Click here to try it out.


Why Being Smart Isn’t Everything

St. John explains that it’s not always the smartest, most talented people in the room who achieve the most. In fact, it’s usually the underdogs who do well because they know that they have to fight their way to the top to succeed.

So, next time you’re worried about not being the most intelligent person in a meeting or the most visionary in your office, just remember that working hard andworking smart can trump all of those fears—and make you come out on top.

Why Hard Workers Really Do Come Out on Top – DailyMuse

YouTern’s Top 50 Blogs for Young Careerists

With all the career sites out there, how did we select these 50 bloggers?

  • First and foremost: the quality of the content; nothing is more important
  • Second, we value consistency: frequency of blogging, a constant voice, etc. (sadly, some of the best career bloggers don’t contribute consistently enough to make this list)
  • Third, we chose to eliminate those in the deep end of the self-promotion pool (a blog has to be more than a sales pitch)
  • Lastly, we selected those bloggers, regardless of their years of experience (yes, that means there are some old-school types on the list) whose advice is applicable to young careerists

YouTern’s Top 50 Blogs for Young Careerists – YouTern

Do you need help with everything that has to do with Careers? You want to take a look at this list! The bloggers are no. 1 when it comes to your next job. For a Career that will have you moving forward, take a look at these sites for all the information you need. While it’s tailored for people starting out in their Career, you may be interested in knowing the new trends in hiring. Take a look! And, get ready to impress your interviewers!

A Note On Becoming an LPN/RN in New York

Don’t let friends, colleagues or yourself lose money, time or energy by applying to a fraudulent nursing school. Before a tuition payment is processed, make certain that the program is recognized by the State Education Department. Lists of approved LPN and RN programs can be found on this site. Avoid a costly mistake and make sure your educational institution is an approved program of nursing study before you enroll.

If you seek to meet the education requirement for an RN or LPN license with a program youcompleted outside the United States, your educational credentials must be verified by an independent credentials verification organization. See “Verifying Education Credentials From Non-U.S. Programs” for further instructions.

-NYS Nursing: License Requirements (New York State Office of the Professions)

How to Use Failure to Ignite Your Career

So let yourself go through the process, whatever that means for you, but don’t do it alone. Tell people about your failures. Ask them for advice. Use failure to think about what you really want and other ways you can still get there.

How to Use Failure to Ignite Your Career – TheSavvyIntern

Determination through failure is a strength that can be cultivated. The most important Career Skill is respect. After developing these important skills for yourself, you will succeed!

Why You Should Look at Other Jobs (Even if You Love the One You Have)

Why? Because the only way to truly grow your career now is to think about where you maybe want to be going in the future.

Why You Should Look at Other Jobs (Even if You Love the One You Have) -theDailyMuse

Are you a police officer to become the Chief of Police? Are you a Machine Operator because your goal is to become the Owner of a Manufacturing factory? Chances are, no. The world of work has definitely changed. Unpredictability in the workplace is a new normal. That’s why while you may not be thinking about leaving your job you should always check to see what’s out there. Erin Greenwald, editor of theDailyMuse, writes a great post on checking job listings even if you’re not looking.

The 31 Best Linkedin Profile Tips for Job Seekers

Include a Current Job Entry, Even When Unemployed

The 31 Best Linkedin Profile Tips for Job Seekers – The Daily Muse

Everyone needs a little bit of help with Linkedin because nobody is a pro at it. Think about it…who do you know who can say “I know everything about Linkedin!”. It’s very rare. You don’t have to be a pro to use Linkedin effectively to land your next job.

Of course, Linkedin is not for everybody. But if Linkedin will help you improve your chances of getting a job in your industry (if Linkedin is used in your industry to hire / promote talented people like you) then it’s always good to brush up on some tips. Because while you may be a pro at Linkedin, the person using Linkedin to hire you may not be.

Uncertainty is a given in this world. When it comes to looking for your next job, it’s the removal of uncertainty that should be Job No. 1. Keep this goal in mind whenever you are looking for your next job and it will reward you more than you know!