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It’s not about me, it’s about you… the 21 questions you need to ask in a job interview

An interview is actually about how you can help your future boss and future employer succeed. It’s about finding out what their requirements and hopes are and matching up your background and experience with what they need.
Overlooking these basic facts about the interview is easy. There’s so much else going on in your work, your life, and in your job search, that you can forget to look at the interview from the interviewer’s point of view. And that’s a shame, because you need the interviewer to walk away from the interview thoroughly impressed.

It’s not about me, it’s about you… the 21 questions you need to ask in a job interview – Marc Cenedella, The Ladders


10 Words You Must Avoid During a Job Search


Even if you had a bad boss or working experience, you should never, ever say this most negative of words. The is a huge red flag to a potential employer, shows a clear lack of emotional intelligence, and will undoubtedly end your candidacy.

10 Words You Must Avoid During a Job Search – The Savvy Intern

Whatever you do, do not use these 10 words during your Job Search and Interview. Doing so creates a negative impression of you. I can’t say this simply enough…avoid these words! 

9 Job Interviews, 9 Lessons Learned (The Hard Way)

Interviews make people nervous. Nervous people sweat. Sweaty people smell, and their hands get wet. Smelly, wet people don’t get a lot of job offers.

9 Job Interviews, 9 Lessons Learned (The Hard Way) – TheSavvyIntern

Read this article to be completely prepared for the interview. It will bring your interview into perspective and give you the confidence to own the interview. The little things (unfortunately overlooked) like wearing deodorant and keeping in mind that the interview is also nervous makes you feel more at ease. If you think about it, how often do supervisors interview employees? If it’s a small company, then not often. Use it to your advantage: prepare yourself by studying interview questions  and tell yourself that you could do this. Breathe deeply and ask yourself…can I see myself working here? Not only are you interviewing for a job, but you’re interviewing the job, the environment, co-workers, etc. Keep these things in perspective and good luck!

Interview Success Secret: 3 Must-Do Interview Techniques

You need to commit to these 3 Interview techniques if you want to be a front runner for the position. Don Goodman, a certified Career Coach, Strategist, and business writer has 3 simple solutions to find success at an interview. These Interview Success Secrets are simple yet overlooked solutions. If you ever get nervous at a job interview, sweat, get clammy palms or forget your words, take a look at this article!

Interview Success Secret: 3 Must-Do Interview Techniques

Also, don’t forget to take deep breathes before an interview. It will slow down your heart rate and help you build confidence before an all-important interview. Good Luck!

8 Questions You Should Ask Your Interviewer to Show How Smart You Are

In her book “301 Smart Answers to Tough Interview Questions,” Vicky Oliver writes that at the beginning of her career she “learned the hard way to always come prepared with questions.”

“A successful job interview is simply a productive conversation. Sometimes, depending on the personality of your future employer, this conversation may seem somewhat one-sided. For these situations you should arrive with an arsenal of questions to ask — just in case.”

8 Questions You Should Ask Your Interviewer to Show How Smart You Are

An important theme underpinning these interview questions is: Research. By doing your company research, the questions should become more in depth and relevant to the person interviewing you. Not only that, but you may even come up with answers to some questions you run into. Not only will they be impressed, but it’ll also give you a head start on these problems when you’re hiring. It shows that you want to be an eager contributor to the team. Good luck!

What To Say If An Interviewer Asks If You Have Kids

You’re sitting in the hot seat, answering questions like, “What’s your greatest weakness?” and, “Why do you want this job?” Then, the hiring manager asks: “Do you have any children?”

It may seem like an easy, harmless question — but it’s illegal, and your response could seriously impact the outcome of your interview.

What To Say If An Interviewer Asks If You Have Kids – Business Insider

Another great article about interview questions from Business Insider. Learn more about illegal interview questions by clicking on the link or click on interviewing-skills-handout-7-common-illegal-interview-questions (1) from the New York State Department of Labor.

13 Job Interview Tips That Will Help Land Your Dream Job

You’ve worked hard on your resume, and you finally networked your way to the right person. This is your chance: you’ve got an interview…Here are 13 tips on how you can do just that… and land your dream job.

13 Job Interview Tips That Will Help Land Your Dream Job

Make sure to smile, send a thank-you note, make a strong first and last impression. Seems simple, yet the simplest things are the easiest to overlook!