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How to Add Recruiters to Your LinkedIn Network

LinkedIn has changed its format a bit recently, but the message to you is still the same: be easily found by recruiters if you want them to connect with you on LinkedIn and share their job openings.  In my , I describe how to connect with recruiters on LinkedIn.

How to Add Recruiters to Your LinkedIn Network – job-hunt

Looking for a way to add recruiters to your Linkedin Network? Look for them on LinkedIn group pages, use the advanced search function in Search and make yourself searchable. But don’t forget the best way to find recruiters, or leads: go out and introduce yourself. Are you a part of a professional organization? Take advantage of any networking events. Do you know where they spend time? Then go there (But please, be respectful). Always maintain a level of professionalism and respect. But never forget to sell yourself.


Leadership Lessons from a First Responder

Culture is king!  That said, there’s no secret formula for a great culture.  What’s required, however, is paying careful attention to it–being proactive in making it whatever it is that you want.  An important point, though, is not to confuse culture with perks.

Leadership Lessons from a First Responder – Jake Wood (



Nervous Networker? Here’s 20 Confidence Building Conversation Starters

You aren’t alone. In fact, Lee Hecht Harrison surveyed 440 U.S job seekers via an online poll in April 2014 asking, “What area of job search networking is most frequently holding you back?” The survey found:

  • Identifying potential networking partners 31%
  • Lack of clear strategy at networking meetings 25%
  • Making initial contact via phone or email 24
  • Lacking confidence at group networking events 19%

Nervous Networker? Here’s 20 Confidence Building Conversation Starters (The Savvy Intern)

Did you know that you needed a networking plan when you go to a networking event, or any event with people to impress? Use these tips to navigate through a networking event with excellence!


The Introvert’s Guide to Successful Networking

While I am in the situation often enough, making small talk with strangers never comes naturally to me. I often find myself decidedly outside my comfort zone in rooms full of new people.

So, over the years, I’ve come up with my own playbook to become more successful in those situations. Networking is hard work for me, but I don’t want that to be obvious to everyone in the room. Having a plan — a system and structure to fall back on — is the first step to mitigating anxiety and improving your ability to make a meaningful connection with someone new.

The Introvert’s Guide to Successful Networking (TheSavvyIntern)

While it may not be easy to strike up a conversation with someone who you’re trying to get a job from, these situations can be less stressful with a little practice. Take a look at the article and learn the tips that introverts can use to become better communicators. While being shy is tough, I promise you that being chatty can be learned! With a gift of (learned) gab, there’s no telling how far you can go!

Using the 20/60/60 Networking Approach to Find a Job

While networking takes a lot of work, there are two HUGE benefits –

1) you don’t need to be a perfect match on skills and experiences

2) the jobs themselves are not cookie cutter jobs, but have the potential to be significant career opportunities

So the choice is yours, waste your time hoping to find a decent job, or build a network to help you build a career.

Using the 20/60/60 Networking Approach to Find a Job

You may be interested in using this approach if you’ve been looking for a job but want to change your strategy. If you’re out of College, you may want to enlist the assistance of your Career Development Center who have links and information on professional associations and Networking Nights. Your local Career One-Stop can also help you find a way to network your way to a job.

Good Luck!

5 Ways to Win an Employee Referral and Get Hired

Another great way to find someone to refer you is to get involved with industry and professional organizations. When joining an organization, you’ll have access to professionals in your industry who can connect you to job opportunities. Plus, you’ll discover exclusive job opportunities that were available for organization members, too.

5 Ways to Win an Employee Referral and Get Hired – Glassdoor Blogs

Did you know an employee referral is  of the best ways to get hired? If you’re a recent graduate or changing careers, networking your way into a job is difficult. That’s because you may not know many people who have experience in the field you want to work in. But with the right plan, you could turn your job search around and land your next job. For example, for recent graduates, reach out to your Career Services Department. The alumni network of your school maybe be a great place to start networking. Maybe they have a subscription to some local, regional or state occupational groups that you could use to attend a networking session? Even if you’ve graduated, most Colleges allow alumni to continue to use their Career Development Centers.

But make sure to take a look at Glassdoor’s excellent post on getting hired with an employee referral.

How to Send a Networking E-Mail That Won’t be Ignored

Here are seven ways to write a networking email that gets a response—and hopefully the action you want.

How to Send a Networking E-Mail That Won’t be Ignored (US News)

We receive E-Mail every day like blasts for a new lunch menu, messages from school, receipts of payments, or anything in between. It’s just as easy to click delete as it is to stop and take a look at what you receive. If you ever have to reach out to an acquaintance to get more information about a Career Choice, employment, or place of business, you want to make sure that your e-mail doesn’t get lost in the noise of e-mails that everyone receives. Take a look at Alison Green’s article on writing a Networking E-Mail that won’t be ignored, and you should be able to write the E-mail that covers enough of your bases to get the help you need.