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5 Ways Baby Boomer Job Seekers Can Build an Online Presence

“Another way to get your name and personal brand out there is to comment on top blogs in your industry, Mufson says, adding to sign with your full name and professional title. “It’s an opportunity where you can write something knowledgeable and show you understand who the experts are in your field,”

5 Ways Baby Boomer Job Seekers Can Build an Online Presence (U.S. News and World Report – Money)

Create a LinkedIn profile, comment on websites related to your industry and Google yourself. These simple tips will help you build your online presence.

Why do you need an online presence? Because employers will look for you! Here are a few other tips to build your presence: read articles about your field and share them on LinkedIn. It shows employers that you are up to date with current trends. Do you have business cards? Consider adding the web address to your LinkedIn profile. It will make it easy for employers to find you online, the way you want them to. Not totally comfortable with creating a web presence? Visit sites like,, and OnGuard Online is a federal website that can help you identify and avoid scams. Hope this helps!


5 Tips for Job Seekers to Stay Positive

 According to May’s job report from the BLS, the U.S. economy added 217,000 jobs, which is more jobs than the country has ever had before.

Despite the growth in jobs, it can still seem like there aren’t enough opportunities available for job seekers. If you’re feeling a little down and looking for positivity in your search, repeat these five job search mantras after me:

5 Tips for Job Seekers to Stay Positive – Glassdoor Blog

You can do it!

It may be hard to admit that looking for a job is hurting you. But you’re not alone. With help from a number of different agencies, you life can improve. You may be interested in joining a Job-Hunters Club or a class on How to Handle a Job loss. The Patchogue Department of Labor offers both classes. They could be reached at 631-687-4833. They can help you. Job referrals, classes, Career Counselors, a Computer and telephone bank are all available for you at no cost. The Suffolk County One-Stop in Hauppauge (631-853-6600) also offers classes and job-hunting groups. Feeling better and get together with people that want you to feel better!

Improve Your Resume With Volunteer Work

Feeding the homeless or stuffing envelopes may be well-meaning ways to give. But to add some oomph to your résumé, consider helping those same organizations by offering to do what you’re good at. It might be customer service, marketing, recruiting, office management, fundraising or computer technology. Nonprofits, especially, will be glad to have you.

Improve Your Resume With Volunteer Work – Stacey Julien, AARP

Volunteering is an excellent way to do some good for yourself and your community. Absolutely add the experience to your resume if you’re out of work. Hiring Managers are impressed with knowing that your skills were in use. Volunteering also helps you get “out there” to network. Going to work, even if it’s volunteer work, gets you back into work mode. Of course, volunteering for your community is a selfless and excellent way to improve the lives of others.

Need help finding a place that needs your experience? The Long Island Volunteer Center is an excellent resource for volunteer opportunities. One of ten regional Volunteer Centers in the state, the Long Island Volunteer Center provides a Directory and a Seasonal List of Volunteer Opportunities. Your experience is a wonderful asset for these agencies so don’t be afraid to call and ask.

7 tips for the perfect boomer résumé – Andrea Coombes’ Working Retirement – MarketWatch

For job seekers these days, crafting the perfect résumé may matter less than making key connections with the right people and ensuring a stellar online presence. But you still need your résumé to shine.

 7 tips for the perfect boomer résumé – Andrea Coombes’ Working Retirement – MarketWatch.

Jobs in Brentwood 2/6/2013

Here are a few jobs that are listed in or close to Brentwood. Apply at home or at the Career Center in the library! Don’t forget, that we can help you with your resume, cover letters and test preparation. We always have Resume and Cover letter writing software on our computers, as well as access to our job and study databases (which you could also access online). These postings were found by perusing the “Jobs in Brentwood” Section of this page, which can be found on the right-hand side.

Due to the variety of locations to look for Government jobs, they are not listed here. But the library does have copies of The Chief (For metropolitan-region government jobs) and Federal News (for Federal Jobs in the Region and Nation-wide) available for you to peruse. These periodicals will also explain the process of applying. They are reference only, so while you can not take them out of the library, they are readily available when the library is open.


How to Survive A Terrible Job Interview and Still Get the Job

Interviewing for a job is hard enough, but what if the person who interviews you does a terrible job?

When that happens, all is not lost.

How to Survive A Terrible Job Interview and Still Get the Job 

Not every interview is a good interview, and sometimes it’s not even your fault. What should you do in case the person interviewing you does these things, like sticking to an interview script, having a group interview without telling you, or talks about themselves the entire time, rather than you? These tips will help you stay on top of your game and remain unfazed, even when circumstances are less than ideal.

Eligible Training Provider List – Department of Labor

You may be eligible to receive vouchers to attend classes in a variety of subjects and specialties. If you visit the ETPL page through the New York Department of Labor, you can search for eligible training providers in the area. Click on “Training Search” on the left hand side of the page. You will be taken to a new page that will allow you to search for either training providers or Course Offerings. Depending on the available funding, you may be eligible to attend these courses for free or at a low-cost. Contact the Suffolk County Department of Labor for more information.

Suffolk County Department of Labor One-Stop
725 Veterans Memorial Highway
Hauppauge, NY

Did you know that Suffolk County is sixth-largest in terms of Veterans population in the nation? If you are an Unemployed Veteran, there are new benefits that you may qualify for under the Veterans Retraining Assistance Program (VRAP). There are also additional vocational rehabilitation and employment benefits available for Unemployed Veterans with a service-connected disability. Please visit the VRAP page at the Veterans Affairs Website for more information. Or contact the Suffolk County VETS department. They can schedule an appointment with a Veterans Counselor to determine what benefits you are entitled to. You can even schedule an appointment online.  :

Suffolk County Veterans Service Agency
H. Lee Dennison Building
100 Veterans Memorial Highway
3rd Floor Hauppauge, NY 11788-0099
(631) 853-VETS
Riverhead Office
300 Center Drive
Riverhead, NY 11901
(631) 852-1410