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Avoid These 12 Classic (and Costly) Job Interview Mistakes

So much work just to get the job interview, let alone the job. The research, the resume writing, the applications, the networking, the follow-up…

And then some job seekers throw it all away by making these common, and completely avoidable, mistakes:

Avoid These 12 Classic (and Costly) Job Interview Mistakes – TheSavvyIntern




How To Get Your Resume Noticed In a Blink of an Eye

It’s helpful to remember that recruiters don’t forward a resume because it’s pretty—they send resumes along when they see a candidate is qualified.

How To Get Your Resume Noticed In a Blink of an Eye – Forbes

Make sure that your relevant skills are at the top of the page. If a hiring manager only really looks at your resume for less than 15 seconds, then make sure what you want them to see is at the top. Good Luck!

4 Job Tips You Must Ignore Now


Don’t do this unless your prospective job’s culture (Photo By: Paul Downey)

Ignore these 4 Job Search Tips

10 Things that Aren’t on your Resume (But Should Be)

You compete – and win – by including on your resume the achievements, projects and assignments you may have overlooked, or chose not to put on your resume because they were short-term, campus-only related or “not a real job.”

10 Things that Aren’t on your Resume (But Should Be) – YouTern

You may not think it is, but these skills can be put on a Resume. You want to know which? Click on the link to learn more about the overlooked skills that could place you in a Full-Time position!

How to Solve the 3 Biggest Resume Problems

How to Solve the 3 Biggest Resume Problems – Careers Done Write

Do you have two minutes? Debra Wheatman, Professional Resume Writer and owner of the website “Careers Done Write” has three tips for people working on their resumes.

3 Ways to Make Your Resume More Recruiter Friendly

Want to know where Recruiters are looking when it comes to your Resume? If getting a job these days is akin to Football, “A game of Inches”, then every piece of advice counts when it comes to Career Advice. Unfortunately, we receive more well-meaning bad advice than statistically rigorous good advice. Luckily, the Executive Career Website “The Ladders” commissioned a study to find out exactly where recruiters look when looking at your resume. The Daily Muse breaks it down for us: use a Good picture, use Facts, and use a typical Resume structure. The full report is here.

66% of Employers Prefer This Type of Resume #SHRMTalent

While we want to look at employees as more valuable than their current job title for development purposes, we don’t want to do do that up front when they approach us as candidates.

66% of Employers Prefer This Type of Resume -UpstartHR

So what type of Resume is preferred? Click on the link to find out more from this Recruiter’s visit to the Society for Human Resources Managers Annual Talent Conference.